​​​Who We Are And Why We Formulated Fresh Face Organix
Hello. My name is Linda Langenbacher. I am the founder and owner of  Artistic Solutions and Production (ASaP), a product development company that was founded in 2001. We develop new products for companies and inventors. A business associate, Al Baker, sent me a sample of Double-Helix Water™ back in 2012. I had my health professional test it for validity and she was so impressed that she ordered 10 bottles of this new water immediately—--something that she had never done with any other products that I had previously sent her for testing. 

So began a long journey into the health care industry that Al and I never expected to take. It was an adventure that the scientist, David Gann, who accidentally discovered Double-Helix Water™ back in 1995, didn't plan on either when he went looking for a solution to help reduce fuel emissions in the Santa Barbara Harbor. To make a very long story short: during his research, he discovered what scientists are now calling a "4th stage of water". Unlike the 3 forms of water that we are currently used to: liquid, vapor or ice, which change depending on temperature, this form of water is more highly charged and contains "stable water clusters”, meaning that this form of water is more stable and less effected by temperature. It was called "Double-Helix Water™" because when viewed under an atomic microscope a double helix can be seen (a double chain of atoms), unlike regular water which only has a single helix. When this new particle was added to fuel, it caused it to burn more completely, leaving no residue in the engine or fuel emissions in the air. When added to pure distilled or reverse osmosis water, it adds an electrical charge. And, when this water is ingested by a human body it increases its electrical flows, giving additional energy and support to the body's natural healing abilities.

We found that by adding it to an organic cream formula, it increased the circulation in and around any area of the skin where the cream was applied. Double-Helix Water™ and the creams that have been created containing Double-Helix Water™ have been proven over time to have many excellent health benefits. After having our own health improving experiences and seeing what Double-Helix Water™ and creams can do for our friends and family, we decided to create this line of skin care products so that others could benefit from this discovery as well. We chose to work with an experienced naturopath who already has her own line of successful medicinal creams to ensure that we had the best possible formulations for our new skin care line.


Fresh Face Organix is not just a line of skin care products. There is an education that goes along with it. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It reflects the state of our overall health by its color, texture and vibrance. There is no one magic potion that can repair unhealthy skin. Spending thousands of dollars on creams and elixirs to fix an internal problem or an unhealthy lifestyle is a waste of time and money. Fresh Face Organix was formulated by a naturopathic doctor who understands this fact. She knows that even her best product formulations can't counter-act any poor health habits of her clients. That is why we provide an education to each one of our customers concerning the habits they need to form in order to acquire and maintain healthy, glowing skin. Without those habits in place, our incredible organic cream—--or any other skin care product that you utilize---will not be as effective.


  • Those who understand that having pure, organic ingredients in their skin care products is as important to their health and well being  as  the ingredients in the food that they consume .
  •  Those who don't like scented skin care products. (Ours is 100% unscented.)
  •  Those with dry skin who would like to have moist skin all day long.
  •  Those who are sensitive to chemicals.
  •  Those who are seeking to heal or rejuvenate their skin.
  •  Those looking for an organic, anti-wrinkle cream.
  •  Those tired of spending lots of money on expensive facial creams that do not obtain the results or benefits they desire.
  • Those with skin allergies.

Where can FRESH FACE products be purchased?
Currently we are making them accessible on Amazon and on this website. On Amazon, we are currently listed on the 1st page under the key words, "Organic Facial Moisturizer” . 

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Fresh Face Organix is a series of healthy skin care formulations created to improve facial skin health by using purely organic ingredients, including a powerful new ingredient called Double-Helix Water™ . Our first product, an "organic facial moisturizer", was launched on Amazon in November of 2015. It went from page 400 under that key word phrase to page 1 within a few weeks and has remained there ever since. You can find it here. The first formulation of this cream was used for medical purposes to assist the body in healing itself from burns, scars, rashes, unwanted moles, and dark spots, and to also reduce joint and muscle pain. Double-Helix Water™ is one of the key elements that makes this cream so distinct from other creams on the market. Double-Helix Water™  is a highly charged particle of water that when ingested, opens up the electrical flows in the body and supports its natural ability to detox and heal itself.  When used as an ingredient in our skin cream formulations it increases circulation wherever it is applied. This ingredient, along with the rest of the certified organic ingredients in the cream, all work in combination to give your skin the nourishment, protection and support it needs to heal itself.