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1) What is the most effective way to use the Fresh Face Organix Facial Moisturizer?

For the most benefit, it is best to apply this moisturizer right after washing your face with warm water. That way the healing ingredients can best be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. A little bit goes a long way. Massage it into your skin in a circular movement. This helps to activate the cream and stimulate the circulation in your face.
2) What is special about Fresh Face Organix?

Besides the fact that 99% of the ingredients are certified organic and that it was created by an experienced naturopathic doctor, it has a powerful new ingredient in it (Double-Helix Water) that increases the circulation in the skin, supporting your skin's natural ability to heal itself.
3) What if I don't like this cream?

A full money back guarantee comes with every jar of cream. Try it for 30 days and if you don't like it, let us know why, keep the cream and we will refund your purchase money in full.  Our goal is to keep our customers happy and we strive to learn from every customer that we have.
4) This cream is thicker than I am used to. Why?

This particular product is loaded with rich, powerful ingredients that hydrate and penetrate your skin. It is a heavier cream than a day cream because it was created to rejuvenate skin that is in need of repair. It is also meant to last all day and all night. Often times the thinner creams wear out long before the day is over. Because it is thick, it doesn't take much to cover your whole face.
5) How much cream is in a jar and how long does that usually last?

There is currently 1.7 oz of cream in every jar of Fresh Face Organix. If you use it twice a day on your face, it will last approximately 8 weeks. If you use it on your neck (like many people do) it will last about 4 weeks to a month. Please note that a little bit will go a long way.  You can waste it if you use too much.
6) Isn't Cosmisil QM a chemical? Why would you put it into an organic moisturizer?

Cosimlicil CQ is an FDA approved bactericide that keeps our cream bacteria safe for a long time. It is so mild that it is used in contact lense formulas as well as in baby wipes. Your health, your skin and protection from damaging bacteria are our main concerns.
7) Since the ingredients are organic, do I need to refrigerate this moisturizer to keep it fresh?
No, the ingredients in our Fresh Face Organix Rejuvenating Moisturizer are made from "saturated fats" that don't require refrigeration.

8) I broke out when I used this cream. Do you know what might have caused that?

Double-Helix Water in the cream increases the circulation in your skin. This can cause a short detox period, especially if a person has not been drinking enough water and staying fully hydrated. Try drinking more water and using this cream for a week. If your skin doesn't clear up after doing this for a week while using the cream then you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the formula. See your doctor or health practitioner immediately if you have any bad reactions. 

9) What is Double-Helix Water and why did you put it in your cream?

Double-Helix Water™  is a highly charged particle of water that when ingested, opens up the electrical flows in the body and supports its natural ability to detox and heal itself.  When used as an ingredient in our skin cream formulations it increases circulation wherever it is applied. This ingredient, along with the rest of the certified organic ingredients in the cream, all work in combination to give your skin the support it needs to heal itself.